How to buy bKai
bKA can be purchased in a round of Contraction status, and you must have KAI assets in your wallet.

Buy bKai

*bKAI can be purchased with KAI in Contraction rounds.
1.Connect your wallet on the Kai protocol site and approve the bKAI item.
2. When you click the [Buy bKAI] button on the Kai Protocol site, a purchase pop-up appears.
3. Enter the KAI quantity within the buyable bKAI and click the [Buy] button.
3. When you click the [Buy] button, the transaction proceeds and you can hold the bKAI token.

Redeem bKAI

  • There is no expiry date for bKAI and bKAI holders can claim in KAI at any time by redeeming them. However, when redemption is requested in a reduced round, a 10% penalty is incurred because KAI is additionally distributed even though it is not at the time of additional supply.
1.Click the [Redeem] button in the bKAI redemption menu.
2. Enter the number of bKAI tokens to be redeemed among the redeemable amounts, and click the [Redeem] button.
3. If you click the [Redeem] button, the transaction proceeds and KAI tokens are supplied as much as the amount of redeemed tokens.
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