How to buy sKAI
Please deposit the KSP, KLAY asset into my wallet before purchasing the sKAI token.
You can swap KSP, KLAY to sKAI in the Klay swap liquidity supply [KLAY-sKAI] ,[KSP-sKAI] pool.[Shortcuts]

Buy sKai ( KLAY/KSP -> sKAI Swap )

  1. 1.
    When you click the [buy sKAI] button on the Kai protocol site, it leads to the Klayswap sKAI - KLAY liquidity pool.
2. Please connect to the wallet in the top right of the Klay swap.
3. Click the [Swap] menu - Select the KlaySwap token (KLAY) or (KSP) from the From list.
4. Please select swap token sKAI in [To List].
5. Please enter the amount of tokens to swap to sKAI.
5. Click the [Swap] button to proceed with the transaction.
6. Once the request is completed, you can hold the sKAI token.