sKAI Stake / KAI, vKAI Claim

sKAI Stake

  1. 1.
    Please access the Kai Protocol ( site.
  2. 2.
    Connect your wallet through the [Connect Wallet] button located at the top right of the site.
3. Users who do not have sKAI in their wallets can obtain sKAI through the following two ways.
  • Buy sKAI
  • Receive sKAI Reward Distribution
3-1. Users who have sKAI in their wallet, please follow the steps below.
  • When connecting for the first time, click the STKAE sKAI V2 menu on the Kai Protocol site > [Approve] button.
4. Click the STAKE sKAI V2 menu > [Stake] button.
5. Check the number of sKAI tokens you have, enter the amount of sKAI you want to skate, and click the [STAKE] button to complete
[additional stake]
  • If sKAI is additionally staked in a specific round [N] after the initial stake of sKAI, the lock-up is reset and the lock-up is released at the time of round [N+4].
6. If you wish to withdraw the staked sKAI, you can proceed by clicking the [Withdraw] button.
[Lock-up and withdrawal restrictions]
  • When staking sKAI in a specific round [N], the lock-up is released at the time of round [N+4] and withdrawal is possible.
  • When receiving KAI distribution rewards after staking sKAI, the lock-up period is reset and withdrawal is possible at round [N] and round [N+4] at the time of receiving compensation.
  • When withdrawing from sKAI, the accumulated KAI distribution rewards are automatically received.

KAI, vKAI Claim

  • When the KAI base price at the start of the round is $1 or more, KAI will be additionally issued, and sKAI holders who have staked sKAI in the Kai Protocol can obtain additional issued KAI, vKAI as a reward.
  1. 1.
    Click the [CLAIM REWORD] button to receive KAI and vKAI in your wallet.
[KAI, vKAI Claim Reward]
  • When sKAI is staked at a specific round [N], KAI and vKAI reward distribution can be received in round [N+2]. (KAI and vKAI rewards are accumulated every round from round [N+1])
  • If you receive a reward in the corresponding round [N+2], the next time you can receive the reward will be the round [N+4], and you can receive the reward every 2 rounds in the same pattern.
  • If you do not receive the reward at [N+2] round after staking the sKAI, you can receive the reward at [N+3] round or a later round, and you can receive the reward again after [N+2] round from that point.
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