Initial Launch

Kai (KAI) token distribution

  • KAI initial supply
    • Supply amount : 300,000 KAI
    • Deployment period: 1 week
    • Deploy 300,000 KAI linearly for 1 week
    • Distribution per block : 0.4960 KAI
    • Klayswap LPs KUSDT/KAI : 100%
KAI will be additionally issued based on the total amount issued and the base price (TWAP) when determining the round after the initial supply.
Details of KAI's additional issuance and distribution are described in the "Stabilization Mechanism" section.

Kai Shares (sKAI) distribution

The maximum supply of sKAI is 3,000,000. Of these, 600,000 sKAI (20%) is allocated to Project Development Fund, which is linear over 24 months. 2,400,000 sKAI will be distributed to liquidity providers according to the allocation ratio of each pool to incentivize the liquidity supply of the clay swap pairs.
  • Distribution of sKAI to encourage liquidity supply
    • Total Supply: 2,400,000 sKAI
    • Distribution period: 24 months (2 years)
    • Linear deployment of 24 months of 2,400,000 sKAI
    • Distribution per block: 0.03805 sKAI
    • Distribution method :
      • Depending on the boost result, the basic distribution rate + boosting distribution rate is determined and applied to the liquidity pool.
      • In a reduced state, the distribution rate of each liquidity pool is temporarily reduced and sKAI is distributed to the bKAI + KAI liquidity pool. Even if it is expanded, at least one more round will be maintained.
  • Project Development Fund distribution
    • Total Supply: 600,000 sKAI
    • Distribution period: 24 months (2 years)
    • Linear deployment of 24 months of 600,000 sKAI
      • The claim cycle is not constant and is reflected in the circulation volume at the time of claim.
    • It is used for development costs such as infrastructure and manpower to expand the ecosystem.

Kai Vote (vKAI) distribution

12,000 vKAIs are issued every round and there is no maximum issuance limit.
  • Issuance cycle : Round 1 (8 hours)
  • Issued : 12,000 per round.
    • sKai deposit compensation distribution : 10,000
    • Buy back fund : 2,000.